About My Gay Best Friend

You’re probably wondering why I called my blog My Gay Best Friend? Well, it really comes from my day job as a hairdresser. A client once said to me: “You know, I love coming here. I get my hair done, I get interior and garden advice, book, play and restaurant recommendations, help with my man problems and a whole lot of laughs. It’s like having my very own gay best friend.” – and that’s where the little acorn of an idea came from.

All I do all day is chat, help, style and recommend. I should so be on commission for some of my recommendations. The sale of Alan Titchmarsh’s book “My Secret Garden” must have rocketed after I bought it. I told the world as I do like to natter!

So the idea is that I’m going to write about the things I love, the things that make me smile and inspire me. I’m going to write about my travels, my interior projects and disasters, my garden know-how, the food I’m loving, the books I’ve read, my shopping sprees, my struggles with weight, my relationship and my obsession with blue and white, all parcelled up with, hopefully a good dose of humour and some insights into life as I see it.

I really hope you like reading my little stories. On Instagram I am known for my daily little stories in the captions below my photo of the day. Do pop over and take a look @jonpaulclark

Me trying to look cool in Key West!